Champion Your Finances is a workshop series dedicated to understanding and implementing the important elements of a complete financial plan. We have two workshops available that empower people in a fun way that focus on balancing your budget and debt management. Each class is a 2 hour workshop with learning and interactive tools to start working on your financial plan for the future.

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Balanced Budgeting

  • Learn about the different budget categories
  • Understand how budget categories work together
  • Discover how to create wealth through budgeting
  • Create your current personal budget
  • Move towards a balanced budget today with T&H’s tips and tricks.

Debt Management

  • Gain understanding of types of debt
  • Learn how debt affects your finances
  • Discover the magic of a Debt Snowball
  • Create your personal Debt Snowball
  • Start managing debt today with T&H’s tips and tricks.

Workshop Testimonials

Tom, Scottsdale

Working with Suzanne brought clarity to my finances, allowing me to sleep better, feel better and ultimately start taking the steps to financial freedom.

Sofia & Daniel, Phoenix

Suzanne is a natural at encouraging and motivating as a budget coach. We can’t think of anyone who couldn’t benefit from her expertise. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to work with her!

Katie, Mesa

I can’t believe it’s this easy to do! I’ve been putting my finances off and didn’t know how to get started. This workshop showed me how to start and how to be successful. Thanks Suzanne!