Kimber and Brad (Your biggest, RICHER fans!)

“Suzanne is extremely knowledgeable and personable. She goes above and beyond in the realm of teaching about budgeting more than we have ever experienced! She expertly takes the fear and anxiety out of talking about monthly budget. She is amazing at assisting with proper planning, building savings and she finds money! She has instilled in us that you can really enjoy life and be on a budget. ”


“Suzanne reviewed my monthly budget and immediately found hundreds of dollars that could be saved. More importantly, she provided the confidence I needed to make some important life changes that would shape my financial future.”


“I work for myself and in this economy found myself falling behind. Suzanne worked with me one on one to create a plan and helped me to take back control. It really is the little changes that add up to big savings and I’m so grateful for her! ”


“Like most people my age, I started my career in debt with no idea how to organize my finances. I was living paycheck to paycheck until Suzanne organized my payment schedules and set up a really doable budget. It even included things I never thought about, like car maintenance and saving for the holidays. I’m now completely out of debt, am building my credit score and am able to save 25% of my paycheck each month! The best part is how understanding Suzanne is. She listened to what I wanted and what I needed and made a way for it to work. ”

Every client has a different path to financial fitness.  T&H's clients have:

  • reduced debt by $7000
  • 'found' $400 extra in monthly budget
  • created a budget that works with earning commissions
  • paid off the truck
  • saved $2000 in an emergency fund
  • pre-saved cash for family vacation
  • started funding a 401K
  • paid off student loans
  • saved for down payment on a new home
  • repurposed $600 per month
  • created a debt snowball
  • paid off 3 out of 5 credit cards ~ so far :)
  • prepared for a successful career change
  • got married and stayed within their wedding budget ~ woohoo!
  • enjoyed working with Suzanne!

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