One To One Coaching Program

T&H’s One-to-One Coaching Program is financially empowering!  The balance you create between your finances and your lifestyle is the key to successfully reaching financial freedom.  This is an impactful and life-changing program!

You’ll begin with the Quick Start and then choose from the Intention & Balance: 3-month program or the Intention & Balance: 7-month in-depth program.

The program you choose is personalized for your unique financial situation and goals.

One-to-One Coaching Program

Quick Start is where you begin.

  •  Quick Start organizes your current financial situation and offers a clear plan for balance and success.
  •  Quick Start includes 2 sessions and a T&H piggy bank!

Intention & Balance: 3-month program

This program focuses on three core financial topics:

  • balanced budgeting
  • debt management
  • saving money

Intention & Balance: 3-months of coaching.

The sessions are weekly the first month, then bimonthly.

Intention & Balance: in-depth 7 month program 

This in-depth program includes:

  • the three core financial topics
  • in-depth financial literacy education and application

Intention & Balance: in-depth program includes 7 months of coaching

Sessions are weekly the first month, then bimonthly.

Are you embarrassed by your financial mess?  Do you want to get organized, but don’t know where to start?  T&H’s program is simple, easy to use, and it works! 

Is your debt causing you financial stress?  Are you tired of paying all those credit cards and other debts every month?  You have student loans that just won’t go away?  Or maybe you owe the IRS or Pay Day loans?  The sooner you learn to manage your debt, the sooner you’ll get out of the trap of always owing somebody something.

Are you frustrated because your income is steady, even GROWING, but you never have enough?  Or your income fluctuates from month to month and you use credit cards to ‘balance it out’?  Can’t get ahead?  Financial freedom is for you!

One to one Coaching Testimonials

Liz and Jack, Tempe

Suzanne helped us work together to manage our debt and balance our budget. Our marriage is stronger and happier now that we have the same goals. She’s very knowledgeable and her coaching style is relaxed and fun. We think every couple should have her as their financial coach!

Paul, Phoenix

I’m an entrepreneur and Suzanne helped me get my personal finances in order by helping me set goals and rebalance my budget. She’s saved me hundreds of dollars a month – and that adds up over time! Not only is she an expert and a pleasure to work with, she truly cares about me and my goals.

Judy, Scottsdale

One session with Suzanne helped take my anxiety level from a 10 to a 3. I’m gaining control of my finances instead of my finances controlling me. Her practical approach is easy to implement and it’s fun working with her!