How an Act of Love Can Save You $1,000 Every Year!

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February is the month of love! When I think February, I think flowers… chocolates… and greeting cards covered in pink and red hearts! They are so sweet! One of the most important reasons to get your finances together is so that you can gift your love to the people you care most about — and that includes ourselves! To me, loving myself means loving my finances and having a good relationship with my money. And this February, I’m going to gift myself my love! And you should too!

This year, someone who loves me is gifting me $1,000.00! (Just think of all the chocolate hearts I can buy!) Can you guess who? It’s me! And yes I am worth it! And so are you!

Last year, American’s credit card debt totaled over 1 trillion dollars for the first time. That’s 1 trillion with twelve zeros! I can’t even wrap my head around that number. How many trips to the moon and back is that!? (Beam me down, Scotty!) Let’s make that number a little more real — each American owes an average of $7,000  in debt. That isn’t so bad… but wait, it also means that every American is paying an average of $1,000  just in interest to the banks every year. So I say stop loving the banks and give yourself that money instead!

Paying your credit card off in full each month feels amazing! That’s my kind of way to show love! Start by following these tips:

  1. Pay your minimums on time every month.
  2. Choose one credit card and pay as much extra as you can on it every month until it’s paid off completely.
  3. Do not charge any more money on that credit card. Ever. Until it is paid off completely.

Then, rinse and repeat!

What nourishes our hearts is not always the easiest thing to do. Sometimes it’s even scary. Maybe you have more than one credit card or more debt than you can realistically pay off in one month. Or even in one year. That’s ok — because you’re not alone! This is my passion. As the owner of T&H Financial Coaching, I work with you one-to-one to truly understand your financial situation and help you fall in love with it! Check out the T&H Quick Start Package and follow me on Facebook! It’s time to start loving your finances!


Suzanne Ryan

T & H Financial Coaching

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