About T&H

T & H knows that learning to budget is a process. We take the time to listen and to create a successful financial plan and budget around your goals, your income, and your lifestyle.  Our simple, proven process is easy to follow and actually works!

T & H knows that personal, one-to-one coaching produces the best and most positive results. We empower our clients to reach their goals faster. And, it's fun!

About Suzanne

Suzanne is a premier financial budgeting and financial planning coach.  Personal experience, extensive trainings and certifications, along with a commitment to lifelong learning have made her the Champion of Your Finances!  She provides her clients with the organization, education, and practical actions needed to achieve their financial and life dreams.

As a former educator, Suzanne's style is relaxed, fun, and actionable.  Her easy to follow plan provides clients with the peace of mind that comes with financial fitness.  She personally guides you with a customized approach that keeps you on track to build wealth and have fun while achieving success!

Suzanne's financial experience includes managing the office for a privately-owned restaurant; budgeting for her family of 6; and becoming a Dave Ramsey Certified Master Financial Coach.  In 2015 she opened her company, T&H Financial Coaching, where each client experiences a truly personalized approach to financial planning and budgeting.

Her belief that everyone can become financially fit leads you to the winner's circle as the Champion of Your Finances!


*Business Owner- T&H Financial Coaching

*Certified Master Financial Coach.  Dave Ramsey Solutions, Brentwood, TN

*Family Budget Champion (Queen)- 30 years

*Secretary/Treasurer BNI- Business Leaders of North Scottsdale

*BA in Elementary Education, K-8.  St. Catherine's University, St. Paul, MN

*Elementary Educator in public, private, and Catholic schools- 17 years

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